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Diamond Education

The factors that determine the final value of a diamond include the cut, color, clarity and carat weight – these are referred to as the 4Cs and are fundamentals of gemstone shopping. Each of these factors are highlighted and defined below:


A diamond’s cut enhances the shine and beauty of the stone and makes it look brilliant and fiery. Cutting adds to the value of the diamond; while flaws in cutting can render a stone less valuable. Cutting can enhance the look and feel of the diamond and even make it appear larger than it is; a diamond in the skilled hands of an expert cutter will become all it can be. Diamonds that are cut will have several different properties:

  • Scintillation: The colors that are reflected when the diamond is moved
  • Brilliance: The light that reflects from a diamond’s surface
  • Dispersion: The ability of the stone to reflect color and light

All these factors combine to highlight the beauty of a properly cut stone.


How clear is the diamond, and are there any visible flaws? You should not be able to see any inclusions when you view the stone with your naked eye. Clarity impacts the beauty of your diamond and should be balanced with other factors to get the best possible stone.


The weight and size of the diamond is expressed in Carats; this measurement impacts the overall cost and value of your stone. The carat of your diamond will depend on your budget and your preferences and will impact the cost of the final piece.


Stones with the least amount of visible color are generally considered the most valuable; the color of a diamond can range from truly colorless to faintly colored. Color is rated by letter; with colorless stones in the D-F range considered the most valuable. Other colors rank as follows: