About Us


Turn back the clock to 1861, during a time of mass change in America. The country was still reeling from the Civil War, trying to get back on its feet. With the Industrial Revolution came a new, innovative aspect to American lives. In this manner, with grand ideas of providing a valuable service to customers, A.M. "Arch" Murphey opened his own jewelry and watch store in Tyler. The first location was on the north side of the Tyler Square. His goal was to dedicate himself to providing his customers with high-quality products, all while offering personalized, friendly service.

This family outlook has helped Rick Murphey the Jeweler continue to grow and make customers smile, six generations later. Our welcoming atmosphere and personalized service has kept Rick Murphey the Jeweler the most trusted name in the jewelry business. Currently, Rick and Shannon Murphey, brothers, carry on the family legacy. Their father, George Reaves, is still a very active part of the family business, still sharing his extensive knowledge and experience with customers and family alike.

Come visit Rick Murphey the Jeweler today and experience what 140 years in the industry can do for you.


Family Timeline

  • 1848-A.M. “Arch” Murphey moved from N. Carolina and established a storefront downtown on Broadway where he offered fine jewelry and flatware.
  • 1853-Arch married Elizabeth Findley
  • 1868-Arch began to focus on fine jewelry, thus beginning the legacy of Murphey the Jeweler.
  • 1886-Arch’s three sons, led by George Reaves Murphey joined the family business and moved to the space on Spring Street on a rental basis.
  • 1898-George Reaves expanded the inventory to include musical instruments and guns, and married Maude, who gave birth to George Melrose Murphey.
  • 1920-George Melrose Murphey took the helm at Murphey the Jeweler and purchased the historic Spring Street location after marrying Grace who gave birth to Reaves Murphey on July 28, 1930.
  • 1940-Following the Depression, Murphey the Jeweler began carrying Schwinn Bicycles and making eyeglasses.
  • Reaves Murphey married Collesta Petty on May 25, 1950.  The two welcomed Rick to the family on March 25, 1951.  Reaves graduated from the Elgin Watch & Jewelry School in 1952.    
  • Rick joined the family business in 1973 after attending Texas A & M and married Judie Harless on July 18, 1986.
  • He left the downtown location and moved into Southeast Crossing on October 25, 1999, before moving to our present location in the Green Acres Shopping Village on September 6, 2001.